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PSI Coffin Smasher Cabinet


Imagine having a full stack with a couple 15s at the bottom but in one enclosure and easier to move around. This Guitar cabinet is loaded with 4 x 12" speakers and 2 x 15" speakers! With 12" Eminence Legend v12s which are direct competition for vintage 30s smoothing out the typical brittle highs of v30s and with tight lows. The 15" Big Ben speakers and oversized , deeper box adds even more than the "312" cab to the low end without any flop and projects great bass tones with heavy or clean settings, Adding Low end without the need to tune down. This is Ben Weinman's go to cabinet when playing live with The Dillinger Escape Plan. A band notorious for their intense and physically demanding live show.

ohms: 8
speaker configuration: 4x12 + 2x15
speaker model: Eminence Legend v12 , Redcoat series Big Ben 15"
watts handling: 930
weight: approx 150 lbs
manufacturer: Paul and Vaos Amplification
dimensions: 47" x 31" x 16"

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